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1. Is it a free chat site with no registration?

Yes . It is a free video chat room website without registration. Here in our site registration is optional, so don't worry about email exposed and tons of spammy emails from companies and dating websites.

2. What happens if we do not follow chat rules and regulations?

Its Simple, you will get banned or booted out of the chat room if you break our chat rules and regulations. You can't enter into particular chat room if you get booted out.

3. Can we go nude on webcams?

It is 13+ website and so you can't go nude on webcams. Our chat admins and moderators will keep eye on all webcams which get streamed in public chat section. Once our mod/admin find any abusive cams against our rules will get banned permanently or for few days.

4. Can we share Mobile numbers, email id, social id and much more other personal information's?

No, Our chat policy strictly recommends you not to share any kind of personal information's that cause serious problems to your real life. Please do not trust any people whom you are chatting with.

5. Can we record webcam videos in here?

No, you are not allowed to record any webcam that goes on our chat room. If you record and publish any webcam from our chat room. Your ip address will be used to file law suit on you under cyber-crime section.

6. Abusing, Can we abuse or troll other chatters including ( vip, register chatters, admins and moderators)?

No, it is strictly prohibited in our chat room. We kindly request all chatters to be polite and respect other chatters to have dignity on our chat conversations.

7. Do sell user information to any other 3rd party?

NO, we do not sell or provide all our user information’s to any other third party services. We are not like other services, who sell user information’s for money and advertisement.

8. Can I use mobile, tablet and any other mobile device to chat?

Yes, you can use all kind of mobile devices to chat in our chat room. We have separate chat for mobile users. It is user friendly and free to use. You can meet friends who use mobile chat or computer(desktop) chatters. ( )

9. Color difference between user names inside chat room, who are they and what does each color defines?

We have different color for certain users. Here is our following color code for chatters and admins in our chat room.
Purple = Chat owner
Red = Chat Admins
Orange = Chat female Vip members
Green = Registered Chat Member
Black = Guest (Anonymous) login members.